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Achieving CSCP accreditation is just 1 Exam away

The Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) Programme has been designed for professionals in operations and supply chain management. It is designed to train individuals for one certification and one 3.5 hour exam comprising 175 multiple choice questions. The programme is organized into three learning modules

Supply Chain Design

  • Broad concepts include primary processes, objectives, logistics, integration methods, and rewards
  • Alignment of supply chain with corporate strategies
  • Key considerations for planning, inventory control, and continued improvement
  • Identification and management of market segments
  • Demand forecasting and effective management techniques
  • Effective customer relationship management (CRM)

Supply Chain Planning and Execution

  • Sustainability practices in design and operation
  • Measurement, responsiveness, operations, and communications
  • Risk, its sources, impacts, and mitigation methods
  • Globally dispersed supply and demand, and the effects on logistics
  • Factors influencing demand, including design, marketing, selling, and matching customer orders
  • Core Customer Relationship Management (CRM) concepts, including strategies, technologies, and implementation challenges
  • Fundamentals of supplier relationship management (SRM), including strategies, improved source management, relevant technologies, and measurement
  • Inventory planning and control methods

Supply Chain Improvement and Best Practices

  • Supply chain dynamics and the balance of responsiveness and efficiency
  • Managing supply from internal and external sources
  • Implementation of demand plans, including prioritization, fulfillment, and capturing and communicating point-of-sale data
  • Tools and techniques to support continuous improvement

Remember you must confirm your eligibility with APICS before applying for the CSCP examination, to do so please use this link to contact APICS www.ascm.org/eligibility 

Distance Learning package provides:

  • Printed workbooks, e-reader, and e-Download included
  • Module and chapter quizzes
  • Immediate feedback and answer rationales
  • Approximately 1,200 online test questions
  • Online Resource Center
  • Access to web-based study tools for one year after purchase date
  • Includes complimentary download of the APICS CSCP Exam Content Manual through the Resource Center
  • On-going email tutor support for ten weeks from date of delivery of materials by an APICS registered instructor

You must have pre-approval from APICS to register for the APICS CSCP exam.

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If you wish to apply for the five day Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) Programme run at the Red Cow Hotel, Dublin on Saturdays please complete the following form:

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