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CSCP and CLTD Saturday Courses

The CSCP program is structured in three modules examined in a 3.5 hour exam

  1. Supply Chain Design
  2. Supply Chain Planning and Execution
  3. Supply Chain Improvement and Best Practices

The CLTD program is structured in eight modules examined in a 3.5 hour exam

  1. Logistics and Supply Chain Overview
  2. Capacity Planning and Demand Management
  3. Order Management
  4. Inventory and Warehouse Management
  5. Transportation
  6. Global Logistics Considerations
  7. Logistics Network Design
  8. Reverse Logistics and Sustainability

The IPICS CSCP and CLTD Saturday package is tailored for candidates unable to attend weekly classes.  Package includes:

  • Five full days tuition by an officially recognised APICS instructor on Saturdays in Dublin
  • APICS CSCP e-Learning system manuals / CLTD e-Learning system manuals
  • APICS CSCP e-Learning system, CLTD e-Learning system
  • The CSCP Course will run in the Red Cow Hotel, Dublin on the following dates:

7th April, 21st April, 12th May, 26th May and 16th June 2018

  • You must have pre-approval from APICS to register for the APICS CSCP exam and CLTD exam

This CSCP Course will be using 2018 courseware materials.

CSCP course price is €2400 which includes Joint IPICS / APICS Membership

To Register for our IPICS SCM Courses please fill out the form below or download and fill out the form here.

Register Now: Contact Bernie at IPICS today  at 01 902 3729 or download the course registration below.

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CSCP course details are shown on the following link:

CSCP – Certified Supply Chain Professional

The Fresh Connection

One of the Saturday’s of the CSCP Course includes a Supply Chain simulation activity using The Fresh Connection, an innovative web-based business simulation that engages participants in making strategic decisions in the management of a manufacturing company of fruit juices.

To learn more about The Fresh Connection use this link


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