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IBP (S&OP Simulation Experience) with The Fresh Connection

IBP (S&OP Simulation Experience) with The Fresh Connection

Integrated Business Planning (S&OP Simulation Experience) with The Fresh Connection 

The Integrated Business Planning (S&OP Simulation Experience) with The Fresh Connection (TFC) workshop focuses on the transition from S&OP to IBP, using TFC a web-based simulation tool to experience S&OP in a real business environment, this course is particularly relevant to cross functional teams.

This is the ideal development opportunity for team members at various levels in an organization, from VP’s to Planners. Delegates will experience the importance of cross-functional collaboration and come to appreciate the challenges of other functional teams in their organization.

Time:   9am to 5pm

Dates:  To be announced

Venue:  Red Cow Hotel, Dublin

Course Price: To be announced

Register Now: Contact Bernie at IPICS today  at 01 902 3729 or download the course registration below.

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S&OP Simulation Experience with The Fresh Connection

The Principles of S&OP will familiarize delegates with the importance of a robust S&OP process on the effectiveness and efficiency of an organization’s supply chain. The Fresh Connection provides an experiential learning platform where delegates will improve their supply chain and S&OP knowledge while transforming a struggling juice manufacturer into a financially successful business.


The Fresh Connection

This workshop includes an S&OP simulation activity using The Fresh Connection, an innovative web-based business simulation that engages participants in making strategic decisions in the management of a manufacturing company of fruit juices.

To learn more about The Fresh Connection use this link

What is Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)?

Sales and Operations Planning is a set of decision making processes that balance demand and supply, integrate financial and operational planning, and link high-level strategy to ongoing, day-to-day operations.

Why do Sales & Operations Planning?

In today’s global context, supply chain management has gone from a transaction driven process to a strategic driver in enterprises. The process is one involving all players and teams, the dialogue and collaboration between whom will produce sustainable growth and profit as well as increased customer service through the optimization of production cycles, inventory turns and reduced costs.

What does this workshop cover?

Sample topics covered in the Workshop include:
  • Fundamentals of Sales and Operations Planning – S&OP planning inputs and outputs, understanding different S&OP grids, five step S&OP process, benefits of S&OP, aggregate planning with S&OP.
  • The fundamentals of S&OP will provide an opportunity for case studies and practical exercises.
  • In The Fresh Connection delegates will work together in teams with representatives for purchasing, operations, sales and supply chain. Each team will make tactical and strategic decisions to save their company, a real world fruit juice producer, from financial ruin.

Who Should Attend

S&OP is highly cross-functional and multi-level discipline within any organization. The workshop will be an ideal development opportunity for members at various levels in sales, production, operations, finance, marketing and planning.

What is included in this workshop?

Includes course instruction by a qualified APICS Instructor and The Fresh Connection Instructor and:

  • Workshop Participant Guide
  • Rounds of The Fresh Connection
  • IBP Book