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Certification in CS&OP

Certification in CS&OP

CS&OP Certification Review Course (CS&OP) to be presented by Joyce Lewis

The two day Certified Sales and Operations Planning (CS&OP) Certification Review Course is for professionals and business leaders who want to solidify and reinforce their skill sets with a unique certification focused on the Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) strategic planning process.

Time:   9am to 5pm

Dates:  Thursday 17th and Friday 18th November 2016

Venue:  Red Cow Hotel, Dublin

Course Price:

€700 (without CS&OP exam)

€950 (with CS&OP exam taken before 31 December 2016 – only 5 Seats Available)

€1175 (with CS&OP exam scheduled by 28 February 2017)

CS&OP Certification Review Workshop

CS&OP certification validates expertise in a set of decision-making processes to balance demand and supply, to integrate financial planning and operational planning, and to link high level strategic plans with day-to-day operations.  S&OP has emerged as an essential management tool in the age of rapid change, increasingly demanding customers, and supply chains that extend a world away.  It’s rightfully been called “top management’s handle on the business.”

This Certified Sales & Operation Planning (CS&OP) certification review course will take you through the ABC’s of the S&OP process and guide you with tips on taking and passing the S&OP Certification exam offered by The S&OP Institute.  This two-day workshop is focuses on concepts included in the CS&OP Exam.

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The Fresh Connection

This workshop includes an S&OP simulation activity using The Fresh Connection, an innovative web-based business simulation that engages participants in making strategic decisions in the management of a manufacturing company of fruit juices.

To learn more about The Fresh Connection use this link

What is Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)?

Sales and Operations Planning is a set of decision making processes that balance demand and supply, integrate financial and operational planning, and link high-level strategy to ongoing, day-to-day operations.

Why do Sales & Operations Planning?

In today’s global context, supply chain management has gone from a transaction driven process to a strategic driver in enterprises. The process is one involving all players and teams, the dialogue and collaboration between whom will produce sustainable growth and profit as well as increased customer service through the optimization of production cycles, inventory turns and reduced costs.

What does this workshop cover?

This two-day Certified Sales & Operations Planning (CS&OP) workshop covers the whole spectrum of S&OP, from its definition to where it fits in the company, who is involved, how its implementation takes place or should take place.  Executive S&OP, a concept defined in the workshop, can range from the basics of S&OP to viewing the process in a global perspective and its influence and interactions with all other processes and strategies: lean, risk management, financials, global supply chain strategy.  Course participants will understand the need for meaningful performance measures and the importance of collaboration and team work to nurture sustainable growth.

Day One – Sessions 1-8

Day Two –  Sessions 9-15

Session # Session Title Description of Topics Included
Session 1. What is S&OP? Where Does it Fit? S&OP versus ES&OP

The Four Fundamentals

Manufacturing Planning and Control Linkages

Session 2. Financial Planning Business Planning

The Role of Top Management

Session 3. Benefits of S&OP Hard Benefits

Soft Benefits

Session 4. Relationship with Other Tools and  Processes

The Core Logic of S&OP

Session 5. A Better Way – Part 1 Display of Information
Session 6. A Better Way – Part 2 The Defined Process for Decision Making
Session 7. Demand Planning Part 1: Principles and Radical Thoughts
Session 8. Demand Planning Part 2: New Product Introduction
Session 9. Supply Planning Resource Alignment

Resource Requirements Planning

Session 10. The Pre-Meeting and Exec  Meeting Objectives and Agenda

Conflicts and Consensus

Session 11. Risk Management Executive S&OP and Risks

Complex Environments

Session 12. Implementation Principles Commitment

Getting Started

Session 13. Fixing a Broken Process Executive Briefing

Live Pilot – Initial Steps

Session 14. Kickoff Session Phases Live Pilot – Data

Demand Planning & Supply Planning in Live Pilot

Session 15. Pre-Meeting and Exec Meeting Pilots Phase II – Expansion

Phase III – Full Financial Integration

Who should attend this workshop?

S&OP is highly cross-functional and multi-level discipline within any organization. The workshop will be an ideal development opportunity for members at various levels in sales, production, operations, finance, marketing and planning.  Looking to implement Sales and Operations Planning at your company?  This training is a must!

Why become certified in Sales & Operations Planning?

CS&OP certification validates expertise in a set of decision-making processes to balance demand and supply, to integrate financial planning and operational planning, and to link high level strategic plans with day-to-day operations. A supply chain professional with a CS&OP designation will have substantial knowledge of Sales & Operations Planning and its components and enhancements (Demand Planning, Supply Planning, Decision-Making Processes, global S&OP) and can provide immediate assistance to a company either implementing or operating the process.

What is included in this workshop?

Primary references included with the workshop purchaseTwo primary reference books:

  • Participant Workbook
  • Sales & Operations Planning: The How-To Handbook by Thomas F. Wallace and Robert A. Stahl
  • Sales & Operations Planning: Beyond The Basics by Thomas F. Wallace

Optional materials for purchase also include:

  • CS&OP Online Practice Exam Course
  • Six DVDs of video instruction, by far the most complete video treatment of S&OP available.


Joyce Lewis, CPIM, CSCP, C.P.M.

President, APICS Los Angeles Chapter

VP Business Development, The S&OP Institute

Joyce Lewis has more than 25 years of experience in various aspects of the high technology industry, and more than 15 years of experience in the art and science of education. Her leadership experience spans the global business value chain from strategy development, sales & operations planning, new product introduction, marketing, and operations, and all aspects of Supply Chain Management. Much of her career experience includes leading program implementations for mega-growth manufacturers in high-tech industries, specifically focused in both process development and employee education programs.


Joyce currently privately consults with various Fortune 50-250 corporations in all aspects of Supply Chain Management and Operations Management, specifically in the areas of ERP system implementations, executive sales & operations planning implementations, business process improvements, and all demand/supply-related activities. She is the Director of Clinical Operations for SCNM, a naturopathic teaching clinic in Tempe, AZ, the V.P. of Business Development for The S&OP Institute, and a certified Fresh Connection Instructor.


Joyce is an active member on the APICS Los Angeles Chapter Board of Directors serving as 2013-2017 President.  She holds a Bachelor’s of Science, Magna Cum Laude in Purchasing and Logistics from Arizona State University and a Master of Arts in Elementary Education from the University of Phoenix.  Joyce is an Adjunct Professor for California State University Dominguez Hills, an APICS Master CPIM, CSCP and Instructor Training Instructor participating in the APICS Instructor Development Program, and has been recognized seven times as “Instructor of the Year” by several APICS chapters in the past 9 years out of a pool of 17 APICS instructors.

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