2014 APICS Examination Information

From 2014, all APICS exams will be provided by Computer Based Testing (CBT).

2014 Examination application process

The new exam application process will be as follows:

1.             With the candidate purchasing an exam credit from www.ipics.ie using the CPIM CBT Exam Registration Form or the CSCP CBT Exam Registration Form.

2.              IPICS will then register the exam credit and details with APICS.

3.              The candidate receives exam credit email from IPICS.

4.              Candidate requests Authorization to Test (ATT) on www.apics.org, chooses exam window and uses pre-paid exam credit.

5.              Candidate receives ATT email from APICS with scheduling instructions.

6.              Candidate schedules exam with Prometric.


The CBT process steps as follows: click (if you prefer Process Flow Diagram)


Candidate purchase exam credit from   www.ipics.ie


IPICS will register the exam credit and details with APICS


Candidate receives exam credit email from IPICS


Candidate requests Authorization to Test (ATT) on www.apics.org


Candidate receives ATT email from APICS with scheduling instructions


Candidate schedules exam with Prometric

Location of future Prometric Testing Centres Internationally CBT Testing for Ireland and Poland are as follows:

CBT Centres Ireland and CBT Centres Poland

The exam windows for computer based testing in 2014 are as follows:

1st January 2014 to 11th January 2014

22nd March 2014 to 10th May 2014

7th June 2014 to 5th July 2014

16th August 2014 to 13th September 2014

1st November to 13th December 2014


Remember you must confirm your eligibility with APICS before applying for the CSCP examination 

Please read the Procedures for taking the CSCP exams outside North America carefully.